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  Hello my name is Lila Fleetwood Spence and I'm a Self-Representing Artist from South Central Missouri. I come from a very large family of 9 children. Most of my life has been spent working in the medical field with the elderly. I've raised 2 sons on my own. My interests include Art, Music, Crafts, Gardening & Travel. I've been painting since I was very young, so it's always been a hobby of mine. It's just something I love to do. I paint mostly Western Artwork, Seascapes, Landscapes, Wildlife, Florals,Folk Art,Fantasy Art. Etc. You will find that I have a "wide range" of interests when it comes to Art. My paintings have been sold "Internationally" through Ebay, my online Art Store and my Cafe Press Novelty Shop." I have always enjoyed sharing my work with others and I offer "one-of-a-kind" pieces of art. I believe that Art is an expression of who we are. If an Artist loves what they do it will reflect in each painting they create! Thank You for stopping by! Lila Fleetwood Spence. 




In Loving Memory Of My Husband
Thomas Spence
 2-11-1960 to 7-6-2010


  In Loving Memory of My Dad
Earl Fleetwood
My Mother
Doris Fleetwood



 Visions Of You
The cool  wind whispers softly in my ear,
Sounds of your voice  I hold so dear.
The autumn leaves are falling all around me,
There's a vision of you only I can see.
Memories  of your smile still warm my heart,
The same way  it did right from the start.
Raindrops fall gently  upon my face,
I feel at peace when I'm in this place.
Even though  you're gone far away,
In my heart you'll always stay.
By Lila Fleetwood Spence

In Loving Memory Of My Brother
Jim Fleetwood
         (November 11, 1965 - May 17, 2014)     


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